Force Quit and Move to Trash

U2 No Line on the Horizon album coverWell, this is a natural topic for this blog! First of all, U2’s new album No Line on the Horizon is very good indeed. U2 albums take time to reveal the full depth of their charms, and I’m only on the second listening. But “Moment of Surrender” in particular is immediately enchanting, and it’s a good sign that most every song sounds better on second hearing than first.

What make this album irresistible for a blog about music and software are the Mac OS GUI shout-outs in the song “Unknown Caller.” Force quit and move to trash indeed. Computer applications like e-mail and web browsing have made it into pop song lyrics for quite a while now. One of my favorites is from Joe Jackson: “He says that she’s jealous just like a female / She says I caught you, I went through your e-mail.” But what other rock stars have put GUI command names in their songs? If you know, please comment here!

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