MusicXML 3.0 Release Candidate 1

After two more weeks of testing, we now have a MusicXML 3.0 release candidate available for download and testing at:

The release candidate adds a few new features:

  • New sori and koron accidental values to better support Persian and Iranian music.
  • New triangle and diamond values for the enclosure attribute.
  • A new xml:space attribute for the text-formatting entity / attribute group.

The standard sounds.xml file has been updated, and there are some bug fixes to the to20.xsl file. The remaining changes are documentation improvements to the DTD and XSD comments.

If all goes well, this is the MusicXML 3.0 version that we will be releasing soon. If you find any showstopper issues, please let us know as soon as possible. The MusicXML mailing list ( is the main place for for these discussions, but please comment here or email feedback privately if you prefer.

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