Dolet Plug-in Updates for Sibelius and Finale

Recordare has released new Dolet updates for Sibelius and Finale. Dolet 4.2 for Sibelius adds support for Sibelius 6 and includes bug fixes for double-note tremolos and cue-size noteheads. The Dolet 1.6 for Sibelius plug-in, intended for people using Sibelius 2.1 through Sibelius 4, also has added Sibelius 6 support.

Dolet 4.8 for Finale improves the installation on Windows Vista. It also has bug fixes for multilingual text blocks and positioning measure-attached items in the absence of beat chart spacing. However, this version does not yet support Finale 2010. Finale 2010 made major improvements in Finale’s support for chords, percussion notation, rehearsal marks, and graphics formats. The MusicXML support included in Finale 2010 handles all these changes, but Dolet 4.8 for Finale does not. Recordare is busy working on a new Dolet for Finale release that includes Finale 2010 support.

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