Dolet 5.4 Update for Finale 2011

Recordare has released its version 5.4 maintenance update for the Dolet 5 for Finale plug-in. The major new features is adding support for Finale 2011. Finale 2011 adds many new features that make scorewriting faster and more productive, including improved lyric entry and spacing, easier staff layout, and improved pickup measures. Version 5.4 adds support for each of these Finale 2011 changes.

In addition, we have updated our MusicXML sample files to reflect the latest software. All of our sample files are entered in Finale. They have now been updated to Finale 2011 and exported using either Finale 2011’s built-in MusicXML support or the Dolet 5.4 for Finale plug-in.

The biggest change is with the samples from the book Beyond MIDI: The Handbook of Musical Codes. Thanks to Craig Sapp’s work at the Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities, the CCARH site now includes full-size, high-resolution versions of each of these examples. This has allowed us to create MusicXML 2.0 versions complete with MusicXML 2.0 formatting information. The formatting is approximate, given that these samples are exported from Finale re-creations rather than the SCORE originals, but the results are still good enough for sample purposes. This should be a big improvement compared to the MusicXML 1.0 files that we previously had available.

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  1. Michael Roberts says:

    improved lyric entry and spacing was much needed, overall this post was very informative. Thanks.

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