Virtual Reality Consulting for AVS

From Digital Equipment Corporation’s SIGGRAPH exhibit in August 1993:

Digital’s Information Design and Consulting group can help you bring your data visualizations into the virtual world. Using Digital’s AVS Virtual Reality software with the AVS Application Visualization System, you can fly through and interact with data using either desktop or immersive virtual reality technology.

The AVS Virtual Reality software includes over 30 modules supporting:

  • 6-D sensors from Polhemus, Ascension, and Logitech, plus the VPL Research DataGlove and EyePhone
  • DataGlove calibration and gesture editing using ASCII tables
  • Integrated sensing/rendering loops for greater responsiveness
  • Collision detection for geometry objects in AVS scenes
  • Flexible mapping of data values to musical scales for MIDI instruments
  • Cone tree generation of hierarchical data
  • 3D probing of volume data

AVS Virtual Reality modules currently include:

Data Input Filters Mappers Data Output
poll bird poll to 4×4 virtual body play midic
poll dataglove bird to 4×4 grab object play d5 midic
poll eyephone isotrak to 4×4 fly through feel tactors
poll flock master logitech 3d to 4×4 move object
poll flock slave glove gesture move camera
poll isotrak float to midi pitch solid hand
poll logitech 3d float to midi param orientation plane
fly bird float difference probe 3d
fly vpl rotate around bond
create 6d 4×4 bird 1d field
create finger flex
vibrate 4×4
cone tree

AVS Virtual Reality software currently runs on Alpha AXP OSF/1 and DECstation 5000 ULTRIX systems. Requiring no AVS kernel changes and built with minimal operating systems dependencies, it can easily be ported to other AVS UNIX platforms.

Using contextual inquiry, Digital’s information designers can work with you to choose the appropriate virtual reality and multisensory technology suitable for use with AVS. Support for new hardware devices can usually be added in a few days. Custom module and network development services are available.

For further information, contact:

Michael Good
Digital Equipment Corporation

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