Beijing – July 2008 – The Great Wall

We had one more big sightseeing day before getting back into our rehearsal and concert schedule in Beijing. During the morning we visited the Temple of Heaven:

Temple of Heaven, Beijing, 2008Michael Good at Temple of Heaven, Beijing, 2008In the afternoon, it was off to the Great Wall at JuYongguan. The plan was to have dinner on the Great Wall, but the forecast was for rain and thunderstorms, so plans were touch-and-go for a while. Fortunately the weather cooperated, as it did throughout the tour. It was raining lightly when we arrived, but soon the rain went away and it was just misty. We climbed up until the view disappeared in the fog, then back down again:

Great Wall Going Up, JuYongguan, 2008Great Wall Going Down, JuYongguan, 2008Cell phone use is not allowed on the Great Wall during thunderstorms. Here Joanne and Rick demonstrate that the weather indeed cooperated during our visit:

Joanne and Rick with cell phones on the Great WallThe tents show where we had dinner at JuYongguan. Before dinner, we had short performances by Stanford Taiko, the brass section of the Stanford Symphony Orchestra, and the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus in different positions on the wall section curving out to the right:

Great Wall Dinner Site, JuYongguan, 2008

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