Dolet 5 for Finale Now Available

Dolet 5 for Finale, Recordare’s plug-in for reading and writing MusicXML files from the Finale music notation program, is now available. Dolet 5 for Finale adds support for Finale 2010, including the new chord features, the new percussion features, and the Broadway Copyist font family.

Dolet 5 for Finale also offers improved support for importing MusicXML files created from Sibelius 6. Some of the new and improved features in this area are import of feathered beams, jazz articulations, text in glissando lines, German/Scandinavian font styles, text on blank pages, and optimized systems.

There are over 30 new features in Dolet 5 for Finale compared to the previous version 4.8. While there are many new features even for Finale 2010 users, the plug-in excels at bringing the most accurate MusicXML import and export to a wide range of Finale versions: Finale 2000 and later on Windows, Finale 2007 and later on Intel Macs, and Finale 2004 and later on Power PC Macs.

Dolet 5 for Finale comes with a 10-day free trial, so check it out and see how much better you can now transfer files between Finale and other music programs!

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