MusicXML 3.0 Beta 1

MusicXML 3.0 has now entered its beta test! The major new features in Beta 1 include:

  • A standard taxonomy of over 600 instrument sounds to help improve playback quality when moving files between applications and virtual instrument libraries.
  • Better support for Chinese numbered notation, Turkish music, microtonal music, and educational music.
  • Catching up with changes in music notation software and practice, including percussion pictograms, handbell notation, arrow notations, and principal voice markings.
  • Features based on suggestions from MusicXML 2.0 users, including system dividers, alignment for dynamics and other directions, more flexible enclosures, clarified chord symbol appearance, and per-staff transpositions.

All of this has been done maintaining full compatibility with earlier versions of MusicXML. Any valid MusicXML 1.0, 1.1, or 2.0 file is still a valid MusicXML 3.0 file.

You can download everything from a single zip file, or just look at the beta sound taxonomy. Please let us know how we can improve MusicXML 3.0 to better meet your needs. Most discussion takes place on the MusicXML mailing list, but feel free to send feedback privately if you prefer.

I will be attending Musikmesse in Frankfurt from April 6 to 8. Please contact us if you would like to arrange to meet during the show, whether to discuss MusicXML 3.0 or other projects.

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