MusicXML 3.0 Beta 2

Last week Recordare released a new Beta 2 version of the MusicXML 3.0 format. You can download everything from the zip file at:

The focus in this release compared to the previous beta has been to:

  • Improve virtual instrument and playback support
  • Add features to catch up with changes in music notation software and standard music notation practice
  • Address requests for new and clarified features collected since MusicXML 2.0 was released.

Then today, Recordare released a new version of the MusicXML 3.0 sound taxonomy. There are now 861 standard sound names available, 40% more than were in Beta 1. These include older Western instruments, newer Western instruments, and many more world instruments – particularly from China, Thailand, and the Philippines. The new sounds.xml file is available separately at:

Please let us know how we can improve MusicXML 3.0 to better meet your needs. Most discussion takes place on the MusicXML mailing list (, but please comment here or email feedback privately if you prefer.

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